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(BORONG)Perfume repair Smooth and supple Macadamia hair oil 80ML
Price RM3.50 RM5.00
Product SKU hairoil001
Perfume repair Smooth and supple Macadamia hair oil 80ML
exp date: 2023.03.03

Not easy to lose. With repairing effect, it can be used for concentrated care of hair ends, repairing hair quality, preventing split ends, and nourishing hair. Suitable for all kinds of hair that need to increase gloss, suitable for perming and drying dry, frizzy hair. Both curly and straight hair can be used.

Ingredients: Isododecane, mineral oil, dimethiconol, cyclopentamethicone, dimethicone, macadamia (MACA DAMIA TERNIFOLIA) seed oil, essence. Usage: Blow the hair to 70% dryness, apply 2-3 drops to the palm, evenly apply the hair to the ends of the hair to achieve moisturizing, styling and repairing effects

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